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Moving forward and doing more, together

Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition and Express Scripts 

As a proud partner of DVHCC, Express Scripts has provided pharmacy benefit services to DVHCC members for over 25 years. Through our successful partnership, we continue to lower your and your members' costs while ensuring access to high-quality care. As the coalition's goals have continued to evolve so have our offerings, which help you manage cost and ensure a positive experiences and outcomes.
88.4% 88.4%
Generic fill rate *
$13M $13M
In National Preferred Formulary savings *
$31M $31M
In clinical program savings (Advanced Utilization Management, SafeGuardRx and SaveOnSP) *

What our partnership brings to the table

Experienced Partner
As a health care leader, Express Scripts strives to tackle challenges others can't or won't. That's why we took drastic steps to address the opioid abuse epidemic facing out country. Advanced Opioid ManagementSM program is a PBM industry first and the most comprehensive solution that gives employers new tools to help prevent abuse and guide workforce members in need through a successful recovery.
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Dedicated Account Team
Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition members will have access to a core account team which consists of experienced health care professionals, all of whom understand labor specific needs and bring their tenured knowledge to support complex plans and respond quickly to your changing needs.
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Core Grocery Store Network
If your pharmacy network remains under managed, you will continue to leave money on the table. In order to address this issue Express Scripts created a unique network for coalition members in order to help with cost control while keeping the convenient access.
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Real Time Benefits Check
Express Scripts offers an unparalleled digital asset to help your plan take care of your members in a more efficient way. The Real Time Benefits Check eliminates administrative burden while avoiding any member disruption.

Our tenured experience 

Understanding the needs of labor unions is at the core of what we do. With 50 years of experience we know and understand the evolving needs of your employees. We push further for labor funds – actively listening and rigorously interrogating our extensive data to pinpoint opportunities to unlock new value. 

  • Proudly serve over 260 labor funds and 3.7M members of America’s working families
  • Proudly employ ~1,000 union members
  • Continue to build our own infrastructure at Express Scripts with 100% union labor
  • U.S. based patient care advocates and pharmacists on call 24/7/365

Dedicated Account Team

Meet the people who will take on your toughest challenges and use their experience to expose your opportunities.
Paul Grew
Paul Grew, RPh, MBA - Senior Director, National Labor Division
As your Senior Director, Paul serves as a strategic resource to find solutions that improve outcomes and drive out waste. Paul is a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience. Please contact Paul if you have a clinical questions or if you have interest in the Express Scripts/DVHCC relationship.
Phone# (716) 210-1784
Libby Paradowski, PharmD - Account Executive
As your Account Executive, Libby directs your account team activities related to your unique objectives while driving your business strategy. Libby is also a pharmacist with over 10 years of experience serving members like yours. Due to her background, Libby is also able to address all of your clinical needs and helps you obtain the information you need to make the best decisions for your members’ drug coverage.
Phone# (716) 260-0252
John Belz
John Belz, PharmD - Account Executive
As your Account Executive, John is also involved in driving your overall strategy. John is a pharmacist with over 15 years of experience and is looking forward to assisting you by addressing any of your clinical or financial needs.
Phone# (716) 416-1784
Charles Yuk
Charles Yuk, PharmD, MBA - Senior Clinical Account Executive
As your Senior Clinical Account Executive, Charles will serve as a clinical resource for your team by presenting you with a business plan that addresses your clinical program needs.
Phone# (201) 660-7751
Monica Holmes #2
Monica Homes - Senior Account Manager
As your Senior Account Manager, Monica owns execution of all client-specific service and operational deliverables.
Phone# (952) 837-5055
"Grocery Store" network statistics

Grocery Store Network

As a plan sponsor, you face unique challenges every day. So what can we do to help? Your network choice can unlock savings, while meeting your members’ access expectations at the same time. That's why Express Scripts  created a Core Grocery Store Network for Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition members. How does the process work? 

• Client enrolls in Core network

• Members receive announcement communications highlighting opportunity to save money with preferred pharmacies

• Members choose from 32,500* in-network pharmacies, including Rite Aid and grocery store pharmacies 

• Members using out-of-network pharmacies experience a reject and gets redirected to an in-network pharmacy 

Unlocking value while looking ahead

We understand that innovation moves the needle towards improving health care. To solve your unique challenges, Express Scripts digs deep into your data, conducts research and exposes new opportunities. Learn more about our solutions and ways we help our clients achieve better outcomes and lower their drug spend.
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Advanced Utilization Management
Making sure the safest, most cost-effective drug is chosen, while establishing the proper use, selection and amount of medication is being applied.
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Health Connect 360SM
Health Connect 360SM offers an in-depth view across the health care continuum, facilitating total care coordination while lowering costs and improving outcomes.
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Specialty copay assistance program that can put your member's minds at ease.
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Better care at a lower cost for patients and payers.
Business collaboration with dashboards in the background

Want to know where these solutions come to life?

Learn about our Lab - A collaborative space where we bring our best minds together and work alongside our clients to pilot, perfect and launch new ways to improve patient care.

We offer pet parents at your company some financial relief for their four-legged friends.

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