Accredo Specialty Pharmacy Explained

Accredo specialty pharmacy provides exceptional care and service to our patients, above and beyond what's offered at a regular walk-in pharmacy.

At Accredo, we specialize in helping people diagnosed with a serious or complex illness. Just as physicians have specialized areas of expertise, our pharmacists, nurses and other members of our care team also focus on certain health conditions.

But why would someone need or want to use a specialty pharmacy instead of a regular pharmacy? Specialty medications are different from regular prescription drugs. These medications are often very costly, involve storage at precise temperatures, and have complex instructions.

Accredo is well equipped to handle the special requirements for these prescription drugs, but delivering medication is just one part of what we do to help our patients.

From diagnosis through the healthiest possible outcome, Accredo is dedicated to providing our patients with the education and care they deserve. With pharmacists available to answer questions 24/7, and a nurse network that spans the country, we’re here for our patients anytime and anywhere. Our financial resource assistance teams work with insurance companies, foundations and pharmaceutical manufacturers to find funding for patients who need it. We even keep in touch with patients after they receive their medication, making sure our patients receive the clinical care and support they need.

Accredo isn’t just one person behind a counter: It’s a whole team behind you.

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