Health Connect 360: Better Health Outcomes – Guaranteed

Express Scripts offers the industry's first outcomes-based model of care that guarantees clinical targets and connects patient touchpoints across the care continuum.

The Need for Value and Connected Care

As people demand more personalized healthcare and payers seek new ways to get more value for the money they spend, Express Scripts delivers a new clinical management model combining personalized care plans to each individual, high-touch clinical expertise and actionable data insights.

Health Connect 360SM evaluates the holistic experience throughout a patient’s care journey, connecting all entities, addressing gaps-in-care and keeps people healthier. Leveraging our new model of clinical management, Express Scripts supports patients by enabling physicians, pharmacies and payers with actionable insights, achieving guaranteed outcomes through proven clinical care support.

Improved Patient Experience. Improved Outcomes.

A more highly-personalized clinical care experience improves clinical engagement, ensuring better health outcomes. From medication adherence for at-risk patients to safe opioid management and beyond, Health Connect 360 will facilitate medication and care coordination, which will lower the total cost of care for our clients.

Connecting pharmacy, medical, lab and member engagement data daily, through our Care Insights Hub, allows us to identify more relevant, actionable gaps-in-care or health opportunities and act on them faster. For each patient, clinical care support will be tailored to specific engagement preferences.

Together with our clients, we will establish specific, performance-based clinical outcome targets to meet individual clients’ needs, including those specific to Medicare plans for Star Ratings and Medicaid plans for HEDIS, as well as other quality metrics.

Insights from Population Health Managers

Dedicated Population Health Managers are trained clinicians using Health Connect 360’s proprietary insights hub at the patient- and population- level. The Population Health Manager carefully studies recommendations generated by our advanced patient-level insights, then recommends the right clinical care support at the right time to meet customized client goals. Driving complete care coordination, the manager suggests adjusted therapies that may work better for individual members, while closely monitoring clinical performance to ensure Health Connect 360 delivers the value we promise.

What It Means for Plan Sponsors and Providers

For plan sponsors, Health Connect 360 will deliver the assurance of clinical outcomes, backed by a guarantee. Health Connect 360 keeps healthy people healthy and enables people living with chronic conditions to receive the clinical support that will work best for them , lowering the total cost of care by improving engagement – and our clients share our enthusiasm.

According to client Sarah Marche, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, Highmark Inc., “Highmark Health is focused on delivering greater value and a better experience for our members, clients and providers. We appreciate that Express Scripts has invested in building a new way to help advance those shared goals with the Health Connect 360 clinical outcomes model. We are especially excited about its promise to improve clinical outcomes through a more personalized member experience, and look forward to hearing more about how Health Connect 360 could help advance our goals.”

For physicians and pharmacists, Health Connect 360 provides patient-level insights at the point-of-care, including electronic health records when possible, to ensure full visibility of data in real time.


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