SafeGuardRx Enhancements: Further Optimizing Care and Value

Expanded discounts, pharmacogenomic testing and innovative patient engagement tools offered by three SafeGuardRx® programs.
SafeGuard Enhancements

With their patient-first approach, Express Scripts SafeGuardRx® programs are the industry’s first, and most effective value-based programs, helping payers deliver the highest standard of care for their members with complex health challenges. In 2018, Express Scripts will leverage its scale, data insights and technology innovations to enrich three SafeGuardRx programs, providing the best value to our clients in this always evolving market.

Personalized Medicine, Expanded Discounts for Oncology

The Oncology Care Value Program® (OCV) uniquely aligns the cost of a medication with its outcomes for various types of cancer while providing payers with drug discounts and early discontinuation reimbursements. With clinical specialization through the Accredo Oncology Therapeutic Resource CenterSM, patients experience greater care and improved outcomes.

Now, we are taking our commitment to fair drug pricing even further. Once the following enhancements are implemented on January 1, 2018, the OCV program will address nearly 60% of our clients’ pharmacy oncology spending.

1. Personalized medicine through physician-approved, optional genetic testing for members battling chronic myeloid leukemia. Results will help physicians determine treatment effectiveness and disease progression, and encourage optimal, patient-tailored therapy.

2. Expanded discounts for key types of cancer, including breast cancer. Plans enrolled in OCV will continue to receive discounts within the multiple myeloma therapy class as well as additional discounts under currently managed indications, including prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma and non-small cell lung cancer.

Effective Patient Engagement for Diabetes

The Diabetes Care Value ProgramSM (DCV) combines a novel quality-based pharmacy network, cost containment tools and specialized Diabetes Therapeutic Resource CenterSM support to help drive down costs while improving overall patient care.

We know that challenges still remain in this class. Diabetes patients struggle to take their medications as prescribed, and our research has found that nearly 40% of patients on diabetes medication are nonadherent. This leads to increased costs and suboptimal care.

With that in mind, we’re enhancing the program to arm patients with the following innovative patient engagement tools beginning March 1, 2018:

1. Diabetes Remote Monitoring will be offered to adult diabetes patients. This solution combines technology that empowers your diabetes members with evidence-based clinical interventions from diabetes specialists.

2. The Mango Health member engagement solution addresses the persistent issue of disengagement with members living with diabetes. Delivered via smartphone app, this platform combines gaming and reward incentives to encourage members to adopt daily behaviors to improve their health. All adult members will have access to auto-populated medication lists and refill ordering, daily health tracking and clinician coaching via the Express Scripts Diabetes Therapeutic Resource CenterSM.

Expanded Treatment Options for Hepatitis C

With a 96% cure rate across our book of business, almost every hepatitis C patient who completed therapy through our Hepatitis Cure Value Program® (HCV) in 2016 saw an optimal outcome. This was matched with expanded treatment access and a 50% decrease in the cost of a hepatitis C cure.

Leveraging the competition offered by recently approved pan-genotypic products‎, curative therapies for all genotypes of hepatitis C, we are expanding treatment options within the HCV Program while providing our clients with additional discounts.

A value-based approach to pharmacy only works when you put the patient first. Our Accredo specialty pharmacy and our specialized practice of pharmacy in our Therapeutic Resource Centers make us uniquely able to implement a meaningful, measurable value-based program that puts the patient first, delivers improved outcomes and makes medication more affordable for our clients.

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