What is Evernorth?

Express Scripts is evolving. We are now part of EvernorthSM—health services built on the recognition that health makes progress possible. Learn what that means for our clients and their members.

To say this is an exciting time is an understatement. This is an EXTRAORDINARY time—because with Evernorth we are making health care better. 

Evernorth is a new brand that leverages the premier health services offerings of our affiliates and other partners. It is positioned to deliver affordable, predictable, and simple access to health care services for any employer, health plan, and government program in need of innovative solutions that are not available anywhere else.

For our clients, this means more innovative products with greater affordability. For our members and patients, it means more connected, coordinated services that lead to better outcomes and better health.

And from a PBM standpoint, it means access to additional capabilities in data and analytics, strengthening our intelligence that we can share with our clients as we work together to develop the next evolution of value-based health care tools and products.

By coordinating these best-in-class service capabilities to complement one another and work seamlessly together, Evernorth transforms them into powerful solutions that drive the most value for clients, customers, and patients in areas such as:

  • Pharmacy+: Proven pharmacy solutions across the spectrum, from general to complex conditions, delivering the expertise and care people deserve with personalized experiences and seamless coordination.
  • Benefits Management+: Pharmacy and medical benefits management solutions that tackle rising costs by leveraging supply chain excellence and by optimizing medical service and medication usage.
  • Care+: Innovative, data-driven clinical, mental health, and care delivery solutions that address emerging issues and make whole-person health more accessible, affordable, and simple.
  • Intelligence+: Advanced analytics, predictive models, custom research, and critical insights focused on helping to solve the industry’s most complex challenges throughout the care journey.

And it’s not a minute too late. If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s illustrated the very real and urgent need for accessible, flexible, and coordinated health care. 

Throughout our journey, we’ve listened to our clients, partners, members, and patients—and what we’ve heard helped us launch Evernorth and many of the solutions they told us they needed.  

We heard them when they said they wanted help bringing employees safely back to the workplace and providing whole-person support, so we launched Healthy Ways to Work.

We listened when they told us about the emotional and financial struggles they and their employees faced covering expensive fertility treatments, life-saving medications, and gene therapies. As a result, we rolled out FamilyPathSM and Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM.

And we understood the very real mental strain that so many employees and members have been under during these past few months, which is why we debuted inMyndSM this past spring. 

These initial four offerings illustrate the power and value Evernorth can bring when we combine unique experiences and strengths across our capabilities.

Evernorth exists to elevate health for all, because we believe health is the starting point of human progress and potential. We deliver innovative solutions not available anywhere else to solve the problems others don’t, won’t, or can’t. We look forward to redefining health care along with you.


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