Stefanie Pitts, PharmD Sr. Clinical Consultant
Stephanie Pitts

Stefanie Pitts, PharmD, is the Senior Clinical Consultant in Accredo’s Rare Disease, Endocrine and Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRC), supporting patient care through the design and implementation of our clinical programs and protocols which focus on continually improved health outcomes for our patients.

Stefanie earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2007. After earning her PharmD, she completed a pharmacy practice residency at the Memphis VA Medical Center and second-year specialty residency training in Critical Care/Trauma and Nutrition Support at Regional Medical Center in Memphis (now Regional One). Stefanie practiced in critical care before joining Accredo in 2010. Prior to her current role as clinical manager, Stefanie worked in operations as lead pharmacist and pharmacy rotation preceptor for University of Tennessee and University of Mississippi Colleges of Pharmacy. In addition to her current role as a subject matter expert for specialty medications in rare and complex conditions, Stefanie has experience in ambulatory care and medication therapy management, transplant, community pharmacy, cystic fibrosis, internal medicine, nutrition support, and critical care.