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Now that Cigna and Express Scripts are one, click the link to be redirected to the Cigna Supplier Community Page for guidance regarding Ariba, Procurement, and Third Party Management.
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The power of diverse suppliers

It’s our mission to build sustainable, strategic relationships by investing in diverse suppliers. We support and enable our suppliers as they grow as partners with us, employers to their people, and pillars in their communities.

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We proactively seek opportunities to develop meaningful partnerships with diverse suppliers, to align with client values, increase competitiveness, and promote creativity and diversity. Diversity gives rise to the innovation that helps sustain and transform our business. If you’re interested in working with us, tell us about your company.

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What we purchase

  • Audit, facility, financial fulfillment, human resources, legal, maintenance, marketing and telecommunications services
  • Cell phones, laptops and other wireless devices
  • Computers, supplies and software
  • Office equipment, supplies and furniture
  • Mailing equipment, supplies and postage
  • Printed materials and promotional items
  • Courier services, contract labor, training and warehousing
  • Pharmacy bottles, caps, vials, packaging supplies and prescription drugs

How we work together

Product quality and service level are critical as we develop supplier relationships. Our strategic focus is on the following:
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Fostering a synergistic relationship that benefits both buyer and seller
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Assuring positive controls and consistent administration of and compliance to our procurement terms and conditions
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Building a relationship based on open communication, trust and mutual respect
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Allowing qualified suppliers equal opportunity to bid for business in a competitive bidding environment
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Contract, invoice and payment information

Suppliers who have a contract allowing the billing back of travel costs to Express Scripts must follow our Travel Policy for Contractors & Consultants. Provide the Express Scripts purchase order number on the invoice and send to the Express Scripts employee who placed the order with you. New suppliers must also send a W-9 form with the first invoice. Our employee will forward the approved invoice to Accounts Payable for check processing. Payments are due within 90 days of the invoice date.

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Important information about government contracts

Certain provisions apply for orders and subcontracts issued under prime contracts with the U.S. Government or subcontracts, as well as any tier under U.S. Government contracts. Review the provisions for the TRICARE® Pharmacy and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan.

Certifications and affiliations

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National Minority Supplier Development Council
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Women's Business Enterprise National Council
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System for Award Management